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to promote education for a Culture of Peace.

EN - The Circle of Awakening to Virtues and Qualities
Educational sheets, films and animations by method

All human beings are pearls or precious stones. Each, in their singularity, is connected by the thread of the Spirit,
and thus contributes to beauty in uniqueness. 

Each stone - shining with dazzling brilliance - connects with another, seeking union, yet keeping its own individuality.
Everyone should take responsibility in f reedom, knowing that without the other, I am nothing.
It is incumbent upon all of us to make sense of fraternity, of justice, of equality.

That is what the circle of virtues and qualities advocates.

Sheikh Khaled Bentounes

EN - Meditation
Educational sheets, films and animations by method

Meditation is a way to get better knowledge of ourselves. 

It prevents agitation and establishes appeasement. It provides discernment.
Meditation facilitates the implementation of values transmitted by the schools of the House of Peace.
It helps children acquaint themselves with the values of Excellence in Behavior.

Children learn to focus on one target at a time. This helps them increase their attention span.

EN - Mediation
Educational sheets, films and animations by method

Mediation is an important discipline practiced in the House of Peace Schools. 

It is an effective means to acquire the ability to spread peace and reconcile the human family.
From an early age, children learn, through role-play, to distance themselves from conflicts or situations
that might later lead to confrontation. 

The purpose is for them to realize the appropriate fashion to prevent or settle disputes.